Sunday, March 29, 2009


So I got lost for a little bit, but I think I am back. Feels good :)

I love Sundays, they always bring me back to where I need to be

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Its been awhile....

So this past weekend was one of those beautiful weekends that you wish could just last forever. Here are a few highlights


  • Provo Temple
  • Cafe Rio with some of my all time favorite people i.e. Vanessa, Nam and Bryan :

  • Getting Subway for Ryan and Vanessa> there was this crazy little girl who was running around the store, into the freezer and everything. I felt so bad for her Mom. Then the cash register ran out of ones and quarters... that was fun... i just wanted to get out of there before the smell of meat started overpowering my perfume!

  • Apline Village "Feelin' Lucky?" dance> awesome friends+amazing dj= fun times

It was a great party and I was really sad that I had to leave early but......


  • REX LEE RUN!!! I ran my first 5k and I made great time! I made it in 30 minutes and 12 seconds which is about 5 minutes faster than I have been practicing. I attribute this success to a few things (1) the knowledge that my family and friends were thinking about me. They have all been so supportive and it was really uplifting. (2) I was running with friends. We pretty much just talked the whole time and so it was pretty chill. (3) I took advil before so that my shins wouldn't hurt, I think it helped a lot, I couldn't really feel my legs :) I was so happy! (pics up soon)
  • Car wash! After going 7 months without washing my car, I finally did it. I cannot tell you how much better having a clean car makes me feel! It is actually shiny now!
  • Library: the information commons desk can actually be a pretty fun place :)
  • Ballet Showcase: my roommate Jessica and I went to the ballet showcase and it was so beautiful. I absolutely love watching dance, especially ballet. It makes me wish I had stuck with dance when I was younger. Oh well. I am so impressed with how wonderfully talented people on this campus are.
  • Hitch: What could be better than watching a great movie with Vanessa effing Oler? I submit that there is nothing better. :) haha
  • Meeting Garrett Tenney- nuff said


  • Church: nuff said
  • Beautiful weather!!
  • Realizing that an assignment I thought was due tomorrow actually isn't due till Wednesday!
  • Talking to Mom on the phone: I had her go through my closet and tell me all the clothes that are still in there. I will be recieving a package in the near future with about 20 items of clothing that haven't fit in years :)
  • Having time to update my blog