Friday, April 29, 2011

I just couldn't help myself!

I admit, I was a royal skeptic at first. I mean come on, was the royal wedding seriously such a big deal? I mean yeah, it is exciting and historical and everything but did all the news anchors of the major TV stations REALLY need to be in London covering the wedding a WEEK before??!!  Were people seriously getting this caught up in it??!! I could understand the excitement from people actually in Great Britain, but why were we talking about it so much here in America??!!

I now retract all such thoughts and feelings regarding the Royal Wedding.

Steven (another major skeptic) asked me the other day if I was going to watch the wedding live. I told him NO WAY I was going to wake up that early (or stay up that late) to watch it, but that I would probably turn on the TV in the morning while getting ready for work to see her dress, after all, I do admire Princess Kate's fashion.

My alarm went off at 6 am. I found myself excitedly getting out of bed and walking straight to the TV to turn it on. As soon as I saw Kate's dress, the beauty and excitement of the whole scene literally brought me to tears! TEARS??!! Seriously? Yep. I was hooked at that moment. I have been watching clips and replays all day. What happened? I finally gave in and let my inner princess wannabe girl come out! I have never been one of "those girls" who sits around and dreams of the prefect prince and the perfect wedding and the perfect marriage, but I think that is what made this whole Royal Wedding thing so fun! We all got a glimpse into a modern day prince and princess story! Of course their marriage will not be perfect and they will likely have problems just like the rest of us, but I think it was exceptionally exciting to be a part of the beginning of what I hope will be a "happily ever after"!

Saturday, April 23, 2011


This time of year always makes me nostalgic. I am not sure why, but it does. I can't believe that it has been a whole year since I graduated! I think it has taken me this whole year to process that I even graduated! So much has happened in the past year. In fact, all of the biggest most life-changing things have all happened in the past year! Whew. Last year at this time my whole family was in town to watch me receive my Master's degree. I said "goodbye" to some of the best friends I have ever had. I was excited to leave for Paraguay in 3 days, but nervous to leave my boyfriend for 3 weeks. What if he didn't  like me still when I came back? (It was actually quite the opposite because about a month after I got home is when we first talked about getting married)! I was feeling weird about not being able to call myself a student for the first time since I started kindergarten 19 years before. ( I still miss school a weird).

 April 2010

Yesterday, Steven graduated from BYU with a Mandarin speaking major and a business minor. This guy is a trooper. During the whole past school year, he commuted from Salt Lake to Provo everyday to go to school. I can't imagine adding almost 3 hours to an already long and exhausting day. And he did it all on public transportation! It might take him a whole month of sleeping in till noon to recover. And I wouldn't mind at all if he did, because he truly deserves it. He has sacrificed so much of himself for us which is so admirable. I love him.
  April 2011
April 2011

It's been 7 years since I graduated from high school. In one month, my cute little brother will graduate from high school. I can't believe that  kid will be 18 in 3 months. Where does the time go? One of the things that makes me most sad is that I have not lived at home since he was 10. He still had a chubby face that I could squeeze! I have missed most of his growing up years and I wish I would have cherished those moments I had with him while I could. But ya know, I was just a dumb teenager with an annoying little brother.

 June 2004

 April 2010

3 years ago, I got my bachelor's degree from BYU-Idaho In a little over one year from now, my little sister will be getting hers. She is so smart. She is so strong! She got straight A's last semester! I never got straight A's in college! She
has pushed through so many obstacles and has emerged a champion!

 April 2008

Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Birthday: Charlie Chaplin! (tomorrow!)

He made lots of people smile :).

Happy day!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sunny Side!

I am not a fan of runny eggs, but this is super cute! Talk about spreading sunshine!

Happy day!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Be a Hero

This is a great story about a woman who is doing what she can, in her little corner of the world, to make it a better place. I love how she says to go outside and be a part of your community.When we actually know each other, it is a lot easier to love each other. Enjoy! Happy Friday! WOOP WOOP!

Here is the link to the story on CNN:

Happy day!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Dear Spring,

Please come to Utah.

 K thanks, bye.


Dear Utah,

Please have a non-snowy/rainy/ windy Spring NOW!

 K thanks, bye


Dear Utah,

Please be a little more like California, only weather wise, and in no other way.


**Please note: I am not complaining, simply wishing**

globe lights

Happy day!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sarah Jane Studios

These illustrations are super adorable and really bring a smile to my face. Sarah Jane "Illustrates Childhood" and I am so glad! I really want some of these prints for all of my children's rooms (when I have children that is :) A lot of them remind me of my mom for some reason, especially this one:

Curl in the middle of her forehead

It looks like my Mom when she was a little girl!

Thanks, Sarah Jane, for "illustrating childhood" and creating a little sunshine!

Visit the Sarah Jane Studios blog at or her Etsy shop at


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Reasons why my Mom is better than yours

Yes, I am fully aware that everyone thinks that their mother is the bestest Mom of all the Moms that ever existed and I am no exception. Today is Mom's 52nd birthday! April 3, 1959! I always loved how my Mom's birthday was on April 3. It occasionally falls on a General Conference day, on Easter, or just in the first few days of April which are usually warm and pleasant beginning-of-Spring days. I just have always felt like April 3rd was a fitting beautiful day for my beautiful Mom's birthday.    

Reasons why my Mom is better than yours:

  • She is a great cook! It must of been super hard working all day and then coming home and making nutritious meals for the family but she did it!
  • She is a super hard worker
  • She taught my how to save money and be frugal and a good shopper and happy
  • She is SOOO smart! Once not too long ago, we played this game where I would open up the dictionary to a random page, close my eyes, and point my finger to a random word. She ALWAYS knew what the word meant, and if she didn't she could guess pretty dang close. I was amazed.
  •   She planned my whole wedding by herself under tremendous amounts of stress- and it was amazing!!
  • She smells good, ya know, like "Mom"
  • She always prayed and read with us before we went to bed
  • She is very self-sacrificing
  • She is so cute, and her Dad tells her so all the time
  • She is very strong amid her trials
  • Because I am the most like her
  • Once she slept in a tent with us kids in the backyard even though her back was really sore
  • She has a great sense of humor and laughs A LOT
  • She has a PERFECT driving record. She was pulled over once but let off because of her perfect record!
  • She is very understanding
  • She made us dresses and hair bows growing up. Those were my favorite clothes!
  • She gave me the best and most thoughtful gifts at my bridal shower ( picture of the Redlands Temple, framed Proclamation to the World, hand-embroidered dish towels, and a sewing kit).
I love you Marmie!!! I hope you have a great birthday and I am sorry we are not there with you!!!

Happy Day!