Sunday, April 3, 2011

Reasons why my Mom is better than yours

Yes, I am fully aware that everyone thinks that their mother is the bestest Mom of all the Moms that ever existed and I am no exception. Today is Mom's 52nd birthday! April 3, 1959! I always loved how my Mom's birthday was on April 3. It occasionally falls on a General Conference day, on Easter, or just in the first few days of April which are usually warm and pleasant beginning-of-Spring days. I just have always felt like April 3rd was a fitting beautiful day for my beautiful Mom's birthday.    

Reasons why my Mom is better than yours:

  • She is a great cook! It must of been super hard working all day and then coming home and making nutritious meals for the family but she did it!
  • She is a super hard worker
  • She taught my how to save money and be frugal and a good shopper and happy
  • She is SOOO smart! Once not too long ago, we played this game where I would open up the dictionary to a random page, close my eyes, and point my finger to a random word. She ALWAYS knew what the word meant, and if she didn't she could guess pretty dang close. I was amazed.
  •   She planned my whole wedding by herself under tremendous amounts of stress- and it was amazing!!
  • She smells good, ya know, like "Mom"
  • She always prayed and read with us before we went to bed
  • She is very self-sacrificing
  • She is so cute, and her Dad tells her so all the time
  • She is very strong amid her trials
  • Because I am the most like her
  • Once she slept in a tent with us kids in the backyard even though her back was really sore
  • She has a great sense of humor and laughs A LOT
  • She has a PERFECT driving record. She was pulled over once but let off because of her perfect record!
  • She is very understanding
  • She made us dresses and hair bows growing up. Those were my favorite clothes!
  • She gave me the best and most thoughtful gifts at my bridal shower ( picture of the Redlands Temple, framed Proclamation to the World, hand-embroidered dish towels, and a sewing kit).
I love you Marmie!!! I hope you have a great birthday and I am sorry we are not there with you!!!

Happy Day!

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