Saturday, February 28, 2009

Today was just a great day!

Well the day started out with a trip up to Draper to go to the temple open house. The temple was so beautiful and the feelings I felt are almost indescribable. First of all, Draper is beautiful. Second of all it was bright and sunny, so it was a perfect setting. So we took a bus up to the temple from the the stake center where we parked and you turn the corner and see the beautiful gray granite temple with the snowy mountains as the backdrop. Then we entered and an immediate feeling of peace and warmth came over me and it almost brought me to tears. I can't even describe the beauty in that temple. The wood is gorgeous, the upholstry on the chairs and couches is incredible and the detail on the ceilings is amazing. But the best part of course was the chandelier in the celestial room. It was huge and sparkly and just beautiful. I can't even describe it. That room did bring tears into my eyes. So I am now in love with the Draper Temple.

So then later I finally got to see my cousin Zach who just got back from his mission in New York!! I hadn't seen him since he got back and it was just so great to see him! Tomorrow we are having a family get together and I am so excited to be with my family!

Then I went to Penny Royal with Ryan. Vanessa and John(?) came too, so it was a party! The food at Penny Royal is to die for. You don't even know. Penny Royal is my new favorite place in Provo. The atmosphere is so serene and you can just relax and have a good time. And we met a new friend named Emma who was THE CUTEST little girl ever! She was this little three-year old girl with blonde curly hair and she was so friendly and just so adorable. Just being there with people I love was so fun. I just felt pure happinness.

Now, I am sitting in the library procratinating. I just want to have fun! Is that so much to ask??!!!


  1. Hey we went to the Draper open house today too. Katie Marie loved it of course, but I think she especially loved the cookies she got at the end. Haha!!

  2. Um... I can't wait to go to the Draper Open House! And... good for you for being in the library. I'm such a slacker! Have a good Sabbath!