Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Words cannot describe the joy I am feeling right now. My mom just called to tell me about the City Council meeting tonight at home. She said at least 300 people came to the meeting to support my Dad. A lot of them were from my Stake but a lot were just random citizens of the city who came to show their love and support for him. Person after person got up and talked about how my Dad was the only one who ever returned the citizens calls and how he was the only one out of the whole council who ever acted like they cared. My Dad has such a great love for the city and is so wonderful to see how much it has paid off. My uncle even drove down from Pasadena just to come and support him. 

Our family and friends have been SO incredible. I can't even begin to talk about how grateful I am. Everyone has been so thoughtful and so amazing. I have truly felt everyone's prayers on our behalf. This has been such a testimony builder to me on how we are truly here to be instruments in the Lord's hands and to help our fellow men. This has also increased my love for people and especially people from my home town and for my family.

I just watched a streaming video of my Dad's closing statement to wrap up the meeting. Wow. It is so interesting because he quoted Jimmy Stewart in It's a Wonderful Life where he says that a man who has friends is never a failure and is the riche
st man in town ( or something like that). It is interesting because I was just thinking about that movie today and my facebook status for a week has been "Life is Wonderful" (Thanks to a good friend who recommended that song to me :) My Dad is amazing. 

See , I told you my posts wouldn't be depressing anymore :)

                                                                   It's A Wonderful Life


  1. Hey girlie! Glad to know! I'm going to call you tomorrow so we can talk about this! Miss you! Love you!

  2. Yay!!!! We have been praying for your family. Glad things are getting better. We love you!!! Come visit anytime. I'm almost always around.