Thursday, June 11, 2009


The sky and I have something in common.

I am usually a very emotional person i.e., I cry a lot. Not always because I am sad, but when I am happy too. But for the past two months or so, I haven't gotten emotional about anything. I haven't cried. There were of course the occasional teary eyes, either from being happy or sad, but despite all the crappy stuff that has happened the past few weeks, I haven't really broken down and sobbed. Some may think this is a good thing, but for me, crying is a release, cathartic even. Crying frees all the pent up negative emotion that exists inside the body. I always feel better after a good cry. It is for this reason that I was concerned about my lack of tears/emotion.

Much like my lack of tears, the weather in Provo the past few weeks has been similarly frustrating. Everyday, around two or three in the afternoon, the clouds roll in and sprinkle a few raindrops for maybe 30 minutes at the longest. After a few weeks of this taunting behavior, I found myself wishing for the clouds to just open up and pour. Just get it over with, stop with the lame random raindrops. Well today that finally happened. Right on schedule, the dark clouds rolled in at around 3, but this time, they actually opened up and poured. Likewise, this morning, right on schedule, tears filled my eyes as more worries entered into my brain. But this time, the tears actually spilled out--and they kept spilling out. Then came the deep sobs. All the stress and negative emotion from the past few months was finally coming out!

It felt so good.

Not only because I was releasing all that negative energy, but also because I found out that I can still cry! I had started to imagine myself like Cameron Diaz on The Holiday-- a thirty-something year old who hadn't cried since she was a kid.

Crying is good for you. You should never hold it back (unless you are in a situation where it would be socially awkward to start crying e.g. in the grocery store, walking on campus, at a dance party etc.). Just let it go. I promise you will feel better afterward. There is always a rainbow after the rain.


  1. I never knew that about you. I'm glad you were able to let it all out, but I'm sorry that it was because of negative stuff going on. I hope all is better now. The rain is wonderful!

  2. I love you Alison! You make me so happy! You can call me anytime! We miss you soooooooooooooooooooooooo much!

  3. I. LOVE. YOU. I am so glad you finally got your release. You are seriously amazing, and this post was beautiful.

  4. I am the same way... I need to cry to feel better. It feels so good. I love you, hope everything in your life is getting better. We need to hang out soon!