Thursday, March 18, 2010

March Madness

Ok so guess what? I have NEVER cared about the NCAA tournament in my life. Until now.

So I am dating this really great boy who absolutely LOVES college basketball. He kinda has me hooked. Ever since I met him in January he has been talking about how he couldn't wait until March Madness. His excitement maybe rubbed off on me. A LOT.

He made me fill out a bracket by flipping coins and as of right now I am winning in both of my groups! Beginners luck I think :)

Today has been one of the most distracting days of my life! I have spent all my time (even in class) looking at scores and checking my bracket. Luckily I didn't have class during the BYU game so I was able to watch it. I haven't screamed that much since football season! This really IS madness!

On another note, my really great friend Lindsay Johnson won the Bateman award for the whole Marriott School today! I am so proud of her and the Romney Institute! So grateful to know Lindsay :)


  1. :) Yep, you and Ryan. Ryan was complaining about the game about 20 minutes before his facebook status said "BYU!" I guess he didn't expect them to win, so why get your hopes up!

    March madness is super fun! Yay! Yay! Yay! Let's go cougars!

    And... um, there is one little detail in this post that we need to discuss! :)

  2. haha Alison that totally sounds like me too! I've never cared about NCAA before and Al made me fill out a bracket this year and he likes to joke that he's created a monster because I'm always looking at my bracket and I've been #1 for a while which is crazy to me since I know nothing about basketball :)