Thursday, April 29, 2010


Here are some pics from the day! We are in Cerrito which is a small community about 40 miles away from Asunción. The school here is amazing. The weather is so beautiful! We have our own little house for all the BYU interns and it is really great! Except for the frogs in the bathroom.... haha. Tonight we played ultimate frisbee with some of the students!!! It was so fun! The kids have never played ultimate frisbee and they caught on SO FAST it was insane! I was so impressed. Anyways here are some pictures!

Me and Jar :)

Jordan, Me, Jar, Hugo (director of the school), Andrew (teacher at the school), and Jeff.

One of the buildings in the school!

A view of Asunción as we were leaving!

A view of the landscape from the school.

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