Monday, May 31, 2010


Sometimes when we are feeling under the weather, we get frustrated because we can't do everything that we are supposed, or want, to do. (Like teaching the gospel doctrine lesson at church, or running, or hiking). BUT sometimes this is a good thing because it forces us to slow down and gives us a lot of time to think. (Like laying in bed all day with nothing but myself or going on a really long walk this morning because I couldn't run). As I was walking the route that I normally run, it was so nice to take time to actually see the beautiful things going on around me. I think summer is finally here! I loved seeing tiny dots on the Y and kids running around at Seven Peaks. I loved seeing all the people running or riding their bikes. My mind was immediately taken back to last summer which was by far the best summer of my life. I was very active and I made a lot of amazing friends. I am pretty sure that this summer will be even more amazing than last and I am so excited! Here are some of the other thoughts I had while on my walk:

I love Provo!

I love America!

I am so grateful for all of the people who have sacrificed their lives to make this country what it is today and to preserve our free spirit. I think it is because I just recently returned from out of the country, but I have never been this grateful for America before. We truly have so much. I just went out-by myself- for two hours, walking and sitting on a park bench. That would not happen in a lot of other places in the world. We have so much freedom and I am so grateful.

I wonder when I am going to feel better so I can run?!

I am so excited for this summer and all the adventures that await!!

I am so excited to go home to California with Steven!

I am so grateful for Steven!


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  2. Ah! I am so sorry you got so sick!! It was so nice to see you, lets do it SOON!! :) We should also definitely go running together too!!

  3. Haha that is hilarious I'm glad you guys went and saw it!! PS Steven is a very lucky guy :)