Sunday, August 30, 2009

Summer all the time!

So school starts like...tomorrow. In less than 12 hrs I will be in class. I have had such a wonderful summer, it is really hard to think about going back to school. But I have decided that I will just pretend it is still summer, even when it's not. Let me explain: This summer was very relaxing for me. I did everything that I wanted to do and more. I had a very laid back, no worries attitude. So I have decided I will just keep that attitude, even when things are going crazy. Also, I will not think about how great summer was and complain about the fact that it is not summer anymore. So even when my skin starts turning white again from the lack of sun, I will just pretend I am tan. I will act like it is still summer.

Besides, I really do LOVE the Fall.



  1. Yeah! I agree! Football!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Alison! Your blog is so sunshiny and cute :) I'm adding you to my friends list. My blog is if you want to see it!
    -Amy Bland (Amy Smith)