Friday, October 2, 2009

It's Been Awhile.....

Well, school has been going for about a month now and I have managed not to go too crazy yet. The biggest thing that has changed in the last month is that I changed my emphasis in the MPA program to Nonprofit Management. So this was kind of a surprising decision (even for me) because I have always wanted to do local government- as in I decided to go to grad school so I could do local government. But when school started, I just was not happy with my classes and I just didn't feel good about where I was going. (Those that know me really well know that I have to feel good and be happy with what I am doing or I wont be able to do it) So I started thinking about nonprofit and maybe switching my emphasis but I kept thinking "No, it's too late, you would be way too behind." or "Hey, wait! You have always loved local government, you can't just switch up the whole course of your career with only eight months till graduation!"

So it was the last day to add or drop classes and I got an email from Catherine (the assistant director of the program) asking if anyone wanted to switch into the nonprofit classes because it was the last day and they needed more people. So with about 2 hours to think about it and meet with Catherine, I took a few minutes and tried to think about it rationally ( I am kind of known to make major decisions without thinking them through all of the way) but then I realized that I don't really have time to think about it rationally and to do all the things you are supposed to do when making a huge decision (e.g. pro/con lists) so I decided to resort to my favorite way of making decisions- How does it make me feel? Switching my emphasis to nonprofit felt right and I knew I would be very happy doing it. So I did. And it worked out beautifully. The classes I had to add fit perfectly into my schedule and I didn't have to change my work schedule at all or anything! A fellow student still had the books so I could just buy them from him and Dr. Witesman was so excited and very willing to work with me on getting me caught up. The biggest way I know that it was the right decision is the fact that I actually enjoy reading my textbooks! I don't fall asleep!

This experience has taught me a few things, but the biggest thing is that you just need to do what makes you happy. We are blessed with the Spirit of discernment and that means we should be able to rely on the way we feel about things to help us in the decisions we make. If we feel uneasy about something, we shouldn't do it. If we don't feel at peace about something, it may not be the best decision.

On a lighter less serious note, I LOVE FOOTBALL!!!! I have been having so much fun going to the games with my friends, it has been a blast! ( I am sure having 40 yard line, front row seats helps a little :)

Also, despite the fact that I miss Summer desperately, the Fall IS beautiful!! Just wish it didn't get so cold so fast!

Sorry for the long, rambling post- I will try to stay more updated :)


  1. Wow, that's an exciting switch in direction for your life:) I'm sure it will be wonderful. Call me anytime you can and lets get together. I'm pretty open most nights. Mothering is kind of the same all the time. I love that beautiful picture of the mountains. That could be on a post card.

  2. nice pictures!

    i think its great you switched emphases. love you! good luck with everything... :)