Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wonderful and Weird things that happen when I come home


- I get to see my family
- It is warm, even if it is "cold" it is still warm
- I get to go running a lot
- I get to see old friends
- I get to go to my home ward and see people who have known me since I was a baby (and they don't hesitate to tell me all about it :)
- I get my own room ( I love you Tati)
- I do fun reminiscing things like looking at pictures and yearbooks
- I get to eat my mom's food


- I become really tired. It is the weirdest thing. At school when I am getting ready for bed, I am able to stay awake to read my scriptures, write in my journal, and pray, but when I am home, as soon as I put my pajamas on, I am OUT. Like the fall-asleep-while-you're-praying-and-wake-up-twenty-minutes-later-with-a-neck-ache-kind of out.
-I become lazy. I wake up, do some stuff, read a book, sleep, do some stuff, read a book, and sleep some more.
-Even though it is warm outside, I am always FREEZING inside my house. I am not quite sure what it is, but all day yesterday I was walking around with sweats and a sweatshirt and a blanket wrapped around me. I think I just got used to having it be 80 degrees inside like it is in my apartment.
- I have virtually no recollection of the whole past year I spent in Provo. When I think about it, it seems like it happened 20 years ago on a different planet. I feel like once I left Provo, so did everyone else and that nothing happened and nothing will happen till I get back. Weird. And egocentric.


  1. I'm pretty sure I completely agree with everything you said. My mom is always super worried about me because all I can do when I go home is sleep. :) We've missed you in Provo the past couple days, but Laura and I are now in the airport waiting to go home! Merry Christmas, Alison!

  2. You like having your own room?! Seriously...how rude. I sure miss having you around. Also - I am freezing in my house too. Mom makes fun of me, I live in Utah, this is so warm. While it is definitely colder in Utah, our apartment is a nice warm haven.