Friday, January 15, 2010

Coming Back

Have you ever left a place for a long time and then returned? Isn't it weird? Everything looks extremely familiar and you can still remember exactly how to get around, yet it is somehow very different. I have come to the conclusion that it is mostly different because you as a person are different. Right now I am in the David O. McKay library at BYU-Idaho waiting for my sister to get out of class. I haven't been here since the day I graduated-almost two years. Somehow my login and password still work so I was able to get on the computer in a lab that I was in almost daily when I went here. I spent the last hour walking through buildings just to see if anything looked different, and also to see how things were the same. Mostly everything is the same, there are a few different paintings on the walls and things like that, but I am just amazed at how similar everything is. As I have been walking around I have been thinking about the person I was when I was last walking in those specific spots. I am the same person, but I have changed immensely. I also don't really know anyone here anymore so I kind of feel out of place. It is also super cold and I don't know how I survived. Weird, weird, weird.

The End.

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