Monday, February 28, 2011

Reading old posts can be like chicken soup for the soul

So I get really annoyed when I visit a friend's blog and they haven't updated in like a week and then I look at my last post- yep, two months ago. I am basically a hypocrite. So here it goes....

Last night I read some old journals and while some of it was pretty painful to read (seriously, why was I SO dumb?) it is also quite amazing to see how much I have grown. I also read some more recent journal entries from when Steven and I were dating and it was just so fun to read about the things we did and then to look at us now and see how much we have grown together. Also reading about little things that he did that at the time didn't make sense to me but now that I know him better they make perfect sense! And to think that I have only known him for a little over a year, I can only imagine how much better I will know him in 30 years! And then 50! So exciting!

Then I just went back and read some old blog posts, some real gems. I found this from a year ago! That's right, OF (Original Fan)! I also found this, this, and this. I forgot how much I love taking nature pictures!

So what I am saying is, go back and read some old journals/ blog posts, it will really blow your mind in a good way :)

Happy March! Spring please come soon, thanks.

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  1. I love old blog post sometimes I am sad that I didn't make a post in a really challenging time or a really good time. Keep it up Allison because your posts make me smile.