Friday, March 18, 2011

Be a day-maker!

If being a "life-changer" sounds a little daunting to you (like it does to me), just be a day-maker! Who knows, making someone's day could eventually change their life! And yours! I really want to try to be a day-maker! Here are some ways that you can make people's days:

Be the Chocolate Fairy
Get a bag of good quality, individually wrapped chocolates – such as Dove or Hershey’s Bliss – and fill a mason jar with them. Attach a flower with raffia and a note that says, “Chocolate is nature’s way of making up for Mondays. Love, The Chocolate Fairy.” Pick a Monday and place the jar at the doorstep of a neighbor. Run stealthily away.

Breakfast’s on Me
When going through a drive-thru to pick up breakfast, pay for the bill of the person behind you, too. This act of kindness will probably be less than $10, and that person may do it for someone else next time.

Gardening Service
Pulling weeds is no one’s favorite summer pastime, but it’s a job that has to be done. While attending to your weeds, check your neighbor’s garden or flower beds for overbearing weeds. Spending just a few extra minutes weeding will give your neighbor a happy surprise and will allow you to help beautify your neighborhood.

Surprise Service People with a Treat
When visiting the doctor’s office, picking up your car from the auto shop, or going to the hair salon, surprise the staff with a treat. A box of doughnuts or a dozen cookies fits nicely into a budget of $5 to $10 and will put a smile on the faces of those who receive it.

Run Extra Errands
If you know someone who is busy with a new job or has a newborn baby, offer to pick up a few things for them while you are out doing errands. Basic tasks like grocery shopping or dry clean pickup can become heavy burdens when schedules are full or when unexpected events take place.

Coupons Instead of Casseroles
When someone new moves into your neighborhood, instead of the traditional casserole or brownie plate, provide a list of local grocery stores and restaurants in your area. Include a $10 coupon or gift card to your favorite grocery store or restaurant. This guarantees your neighbors the opportunity to have a positive adventure in their new hometown.

Music to Remember When
When friends have a son leaving for college or a daughter getting married, cheer them up by sending a CD of songs that came from the year their son or daughter was born. You can use iTunes to search for popular songs from those specific years, or use your own personal collection. Hearing those songs will give your friends a few laughs during their trip down memory lane.

* Taken directly from the LDS Living website. The article can be found here.

Though some of these are a little cheesy, I think they can all be adapted to meet various needs. I really like the idea of paying for the bill of the person behind you in the drive-through line! If only I actually ate fast food often enough to do this! Can you imagine how excited you would be if you got up to the window and started to hand them your money and they were like "oh, it's ok, the person in front of you paid for it already!" 

There are tons and tons of ways to be a day-maker and they definitely do not have to be elaborate. I think it can be as simple as a smile or holding the door open for someone. I dare you to try it and see what happens! I will too! Enjoy!

Happy Weekend!!!

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