Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy November!

Can we officially call it The Holiday Season now?! Just 24 days till Thanksgiving! I absolutely love this time of year and this year has been especially fun being married and all! Last night was my first Halloween being married and having our own place to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters! We carved pumpkins and decorated our front porch with cobwebs, a black light, and a cute Halloween wreath made by yours truly! (I actually made something from Pinterest!) I also bought a HUGE bag of candy and only like 10 kids came to our house! Come on! I literally have a whole bowl full of candy left! That was the only let down of the night. Steven and I had soup in those cute little pumpkin shaped bread bowls and I roasted the pumpkin seeds (yum!) We caught up with the Halloween episodes of our favorite TV shows and then told scary stories in our cozy bed :) Tonight I will take down the Halloween decorations and put up my Thanksgiving ones (thank you Hobby Lobby!)

In addition, I have made a goal to write about something I am thankful for on my blog every day in November. I did this two years ago and it was really fun.

Today, I am very thankful for lds.org. On Sunday for our combined Priesthood and Relief Society meeting, we had the director of lds.org come and speak to us about the website and all of its amazing features. I was already someone who visited lds.org at least 5 times a week but his presentation made me even more excited about everything it has to offer! The Church has given us access to so many wonderful things. We could even read the General Conference talks just a few days later! Lds.org has made it so easy for church members to prepare lessons, talks, Family Home Evenings, etc. It has also made it super easy to share the gospel! We have access to thousands of talks, articles, videos, etc. that we can link to blogs, Facebook, and Pinterest. We can also read the scriptures online from our computers, tablets, or phones! So amazing when you really sit and think about it!

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