Saturday, November 12, 2011

One Year

Today I am VERY grateful for my husband Steven.

Right now Steven and I are cuddling on our cozy couch watching the BYU football game. A year ago at this exact time we were in California at our wedding reception. Can you believe it has been one year?! I sure can't. It has been so fun today to reflect on the past year and everything we have gone through. We have definitely had some tough times but of course I am grateful for those too because they have gotten us that much closer to where we want to be. Sometimes it is hard to remember that "this too shall pass" and that of course we are not going to be perfect. I see all these older people in our ward who talk about how loving and considerate their spouse is and how great their marriage is. Then I remember that they have had 30, 40, even 50 years to work on it!

I am so thankful for marriage and the opportunities it gives us to grow as individuals and as couples. What a wonderful blessing!

Steven is so sweet. My most favorites thing about him is that I know he loves me. He knows how to show it and I am so thankful for that! He is also the funniest guy I know and really knows how to make me laugh. He does some of the funniest things that I have ever seen/heard.

I found this amazing quote about marriage from a talk called "Eternal Marriage" by F Burton Howard. I really want to print this out and display it in our home to remind us daily of how important marriage is. Read the talk too, it is awesome. Enjoy!

Happy one-year anniversary honey!!

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