Sunday, November 6, 2011

My ward!

Today I am thankful for my ward! Steven and I live in a great neighborhood full of some really amazing people. Some of the older people in our ward have lived here since the homes were built in the early 1950's! I love learning from these great ward members and hearing their stories from the early days of the neighborhood. It is so cool to see them and to hear them talk about how they raised their families in this area and to think that one day that will be me. There is not a fast and testimony meeting that goes by without at least one person standing up and talking about how wonderful this ward is. I am so thankful that Steven and I were able to move here and that things happened so smoothly. There are some other newly wed couples who have moved in since we did and I am so thankful for them and I hope that we can develop some really strong friendships while we are here!

I am not sure how long we will be here, but I want to take advantage of the wonderful ward while we can!

Oh, only takes us about 45 seconds to walk from our front door to the door to the ward awesome! And yet we still get there 2-5 minutes late every week! I think it is because it is so close that we don't ever feel rushed to get there....anyways I didn't mean for this to turn into a confessional! So thankful for our ward!


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