Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lovely Weekend

I feel like there is something important I should be doing, but I can't I will just blog :)

I went to the temple with my ward on Friday night. We ended up doing some family names for Aubrey which was really neat! I then went home and actually did some studying (gasp!) I usually don't do that on Friday nights......

I woke up earlyish on Saturday. I looked out the window and what did I see? SNOW! My initial reaction was some form of "ugh" but then I remembered my goal to find the beauty in everything. So I decided it was beautiful and I got really excited. The days events proceeded as follows:

- a wonderful little meeting of the ethics club ( members include: me, Raymon, Jarilyn, Lindsay,Heather,Andrew, and Brooke). We had a stimulating discussion on various topics such as subjective vs. objective reasoning, the ethics toolbox, and the Bathsheba syndrome. Oh how we LOVE ethics!

- a little BYU game-watching BBQ at Jeff's house. Great people, yummy burgers, and a leg wrestling competition in which I witnessed Ray dominate everyone(except Carolyn of course :)

- more homework ( I know, I was on a roll!) mixed with naps, mostly because I was doing homework on my bed.

-hot cocoa party with more wonderful people!

- ice cream, cards, and dancing to music from Glee with Lindsay, Boyd, and Brian. Great fun :)

Today was a bitter sweet day. Church was great as always. We bid farewell to our bishopric and welcomed a new one. I love them already. Just by looking at them and shaking their hands, I know that they love us.

Besides surprising myself with the amount of homework I accomplished, I am surprising myself in other ways too. I can't quite put what I have been feeling lately into words yet, but it is happy and scary all at the same time. It makes my stomach get all tied up in knots but also makes me excited. Maybe one day I will be able to share it, but as for now, NO WAY.

I am thankful for :





the Mormon radio channel on

my ward <3

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  1. You have to share! :) I like reading your blog because I am in it. Is that selfish?